Friday, October 05, 2007

Bring it on!

Moving to England has been a complete battle. I never imagined that it would be this difficult moving to a country where everyone spoke the same language as me!

But on the bright side, we only have 2 weeks left of living in a dirty B&B with non-existent water pressure before we can move into our apartment! I’m counting down the days!

Also, thanks everyone for all your words of support! There are worse red-tape crazy places to live than France!

Other than that, if you haven’t already been caught up by the Rugby World Cup fever, jump on the bandwagon quickly!

The match of the weekend is Australia vs England on Saturday the 6th!

No prizes for guessing who I’ll be supporting!


dongurigal said...

Don't you just hate living in a hotel (or B + B). It's so much better when you get your own place!

Good luck with the move.

Froggy Woogie said...

The end of the tunnel woohoooo! :).
When you have moved, celebrate it with (French) Champagne ;)

J.T. said...

Aren't you glad that you will be out of that place soon? :) Nothing like your own place, for sure. Good luck on your move.

You take care.

Wendz said...

The light at the end of the tunnel! Yaaayyy!!

I agree so much with the red tape thingy...people are so quick to scream out French red tape, but heck I have seen worse here.

As for's shocking, seeing as I am South African and grew up in a rugby culture, but I could not give a hoot for it...enjoy it though.

ciara said...

i bet you'll be SO relieved once you get settled into your apartment. just hang in there...two wks will fly by. i just know it! take care.

Bee Ean said...

good luck with the move, hope you are going to have full time internet access soon.

anigma said...

Good things come to those who waits. :D Glad things turn out ok. Keeping fingers crossed for you.

Frankensteina said...

Good luck with the move :)

ColourMeCrazy said...

Dongurigal : You’re so right ! I’m really really hanging out for tomorrow when we move it !! Can’t wait!

Froggy Woogie: That light at the end of the tunnel is getting really bright now!

JT: Thanks! Only 1 more sleep to go!

Wendz: What? You’re South African and you don’t watch the rugby? You have to get a little bit excited – SA’s in the finals! ;-)

Ciara: 1 more sleep to go! 1 more sleep to go!

BeeEan: Thanks! Yeah, can’t wait till I have internet properly again! I miss it soooo much!

Anigma: I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting!!

Frankensteina: Thanks for dropping by!