Friday, September 14, 2007

Nomad forever

Thanks everyone for their well wishes but I have to say, you’re all not wishing hard enough as this has definitely been a nightmare move! Almost comparable to the move to France…which for some reason seems like a breeze compared to this one (Hubs says that I have a short memory!).

I have lots of gory details to share but not enough ££ to pay for the time to share it all at the Internet café. We’re currently living out of our backpacks and in various B&Bs in the Surrey countryside, which is not as exotic as I would like it to be.

I also have to say that for some reason, I can’t understand about 60% of what people say to me! I keep having to ask people to repeat themselves. Over the phone, even repeating doesn’t help! Some of the times, I’m not even sure that people are speaking English to me.

I think I might need “British English as a foreign language” classes.


J.T. said...

Oh dear... your current situation does not sound like a picnic. But in time to come, you will look back at this and count it as a precious memory.

We can wait for the gory details. First get yourselves settled ... no matter how long you take. I haven't been to the UK but a friend from Malaysia (from my Taman) who moved there several years ago told me the same thing about not understanding them. It took awhile.

Then again, everyone is made differently. You may just get used to it sooner than you know and you won't need classes. (after all you did pretty well in Germany). :) And that was a totally different language.

Froggy Woogie said...

Hello, good to hear from you. It must be currently a hell of a situation for you but that adds to the memories for later on :)
You're in Surrey, not that bad, you'll enjoy it once you have settled up.
They do speak English there, I assure you and their accent is more accessible than the Australian one but it's just my opinion lol
I hope you find a great place to live soon.
Good luck to you and be the gods be blessed for the internet cafés so you can keep in touch sometimes :)

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Hi Fi!!! Nice to read your post.. but not to learn your moving experience has been a Royal pain in the derriere!! It will get better, I am sure.. It has to, right?!! As for the Queen's English.. it is a WHOLE 'nuthter language.. maybe just for the fact that you were in France, then Germany... and now and "Anglophone" country... and it will just take awhile to swtich over the ear for comprehending English again.. Weird, huh?! To be in a English-speaking country, speaking the language fluently, but not understanding what the people are saying to you!!
It's funny!! Take care and share more with us when you get a permenant place and get connected again... Take care, Leesa

ciara said...

moving really sucks in general...i hate it. i lived in one city for a long period of time and when i was married to my ex i moved 5 times in about 8 years...all in the same city and that was enough to drive me crazy. can't imagine countries! and is surrey southern part of england? i think they are a bit harder to comprehend though i've talked to marmitetoasty on the phone once and i understood her just fine! lol

here's wishing you get settled REAL soon so you can stop living outta your backpacks :)

Bee Ean said...

Wow. After all the French accent English is still comprehensible.

anigma said...

Well, it would take sometime to get used to a new accent. Good Luck!

Elween said...

i am bad at that too! i just couldn't understand one who speaks over the phone. you are not alone!

good day :)

ColourMeCrazy said...

JT: Yep, you’re right. What ever doesn’t kill me just makes me stronger! I’m sure we’ll look back and laugh, and I can’t wait till that happens!

Froggy: Hehe – hey – what’s that about the Australian accent??!!!

Islandgirl: It’s a whole other language and the funny thing is that Hubs is actually understanding the weird accents quicker than I am!

Ciara: Wow – 5 times in 8 years! Now that’s a lot of moves! Yep – Surrey is south east England. The accents aren’t too bad – but every now and again, I completely miss sentences!

Bee: Some English accents are completely incomprehensible to me! Hehe – it’s like listening to a whole other language!

Anigma: Thanks!

Elween: Thanks for stopping by! I’m especially bad over the phone! Hehe! Hopefully I get used to it soon.