Saturday, July 28, 2007

Still more Babel

By now, you must all be sick of hearing about the language mishaps that happen around me so I promise, this will hopefully be the last of the series.

Last night’s after-German-class beers with the usual mélange of Korean, English, Brazilian and Québécois (and 1 Australian of course!) students resulted in the following conversations:

Conversation 1

Cute Little Korean Girl: You and dein Mann zusammen wie lange? (Translation: How long and you and your husband been together?)

Slightly Tipsy Australian (Me!): Sieben years (Translation: 7 years)

Cute Little Korean Girl: Ohhhhh. And verheiratet? (Translation: How long have you been married?)

Tipsy Australian: Vier years (Translation: 4 years)

Cute Little Korean Girl: Und before verheiratet? (Translation: How long were you together before you got married?)

Very Tipsy Australian: Drei Jahre (Translation: 3 years)

Cute Little Korean Girl: Ah so! So you make love for drei Jahre (Translation: ?????)

Very very Tipsy Australian and equally Tipsy English Girl: *Explodes in laughter* (Translation: hahahahahhahahaahah!)

Extremely Tipsy Australian explains that yes, she had been seeing her husband for 3 years before they got married but unfortunately each of their love-making sessions lasted less than 3 years. (Well, you get what I mean!)

Conversation 2

Cute Little Korean Girl: Wann bist du geboren? (Literal translation: When were you born? Beer translation: When’s your birthday?)

Tipsy English Girl: In September

Cute Little Korean Girl: Oh. You are a virgin then (Translation: ?????)

Very very Tipsy Australian and equally Tipsy English Girl: *Explodes in laughter* (Translation: hahahahahhahahaahah!)

Tipsy English Girl: Um…ok…if you say so.

Extremely Tipsy English Girl explains that she is a Virgo and most definitely not a virgin!

It’s funny how despite the language barriers, we all still manage to understand each other perfectly!


Cirnelle said...

Welcome back, Colourmecrazy. Long time no see/read. Keep it coming, am not sick of Babels at all. Beer is good translation beverage.

Froggy Woogie said...

I loved that: "beer translation" lol.
Please don't stop the babel, it's fun!!!

Alvin said...

Yea, i tend to 'speak out' a lot after too much beer.....and somehow, i am conscious bout it....jz...i cannot stop it. LOL.

Words being processed in brain .... not equals words coming out from my mouth. =_=

Dumdad said...

The wonders of alcohol: it certainly improves my French. Um, well, I seem to think so at the time.

Antipodeesse said...

Oh I love these conversations! I can just imagine myself there with you.

anigma said...

With alcohol, anything can happen, however impossible. :)

J.T. said...

I love conversation 1. That was hilarious.

Please continue this kind of topic. It is entertaining (not that your other posts weren't). :)

It tests my German language too.
I noticed that you got tipsier by the seconds. hahaha

ColourMeCrazy said...

Cirnelle: Hello! Hey - it hasn't been that long! I suppose 1 week in I-net time is long!

Froggy: Hehe - I find that beer is a good translation device!

Alvin: Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Beer makes my tongue loose as well ;-)

Dumdad: I totally agree! Alcohol improves my French and German!

Antipo: I'm glad to see that these conversations weren't just funny at the time under the influence!

Anigma: Hehe - no, I haven't stripped nude and danced on tables yet.

JT: Good observation! Yep - I did get tipsier by the second! ;-)

Bee said...

wow that's fun! Isn't it nice to learn a language with whole bunch of foreigners with different background.

Jennifer said...

"Sick of hearing about the language mishaps"?? NEVER!

ColourMeCrazy said...

Bee: I'm finding that meeting the people from the different countries is more interesting than the actual German classes ;-)

Jennifer: Hehe - I love them too !

avec amy said...

Ditto! I love these stories. They offer comic relief and give me the courage to continue learning French : )