Thursday, July 12, 2007

Party time

Over the weekend, there was a huge street festival in our quartier. While it started off slowly, it ended up being an enormous affair. Walking up and down the street, we noticed that apart from maybe 1 or 2 stands, every other stand was either a food stand or a drink stand! It was just beer, beer, apfelwein or more beer!!

Not that I had a problem with that ;-)

Anyway, this is what part of the street looked like just before the festivities began.

And after the festivities began!

This is an innocent looking apfelwein jug, just a little bit of street decoration…..

…that turns into a serious apfelwein stand!
To say that the Germans love a little tipple is a severe understatement!


The Late Bloomer said...

Looks like you must have had a great time! I've never been a big beer fan, but I think it's probably because I've simply never "acquired" the taste -- I eased into wine gradually, and now I love me a good, rich glass of red wine!

I'd like to give some of that Apfelwein a try... Mmmm!

Froggy Woogie said...

I bet now you're longing for the OctoBeer festival hehe

zewt said...

never like beer but i think i dont mind indulging myself into one oktoberfest...

avec amy said...

That sounds like my kind of place! I think a trip to Germany is in order : )

ManicBlu said...

I like my beer but I cannot imagine drinking it in the quanity I see so many times in pictures. The steins are huge. I would have to sit next to the toilet as I would be needing to take a pee all the time. lol

in the Alps said...

The apfelwein stand is adorable.

anigma said...

Wah.. Wait till October! There will an October fest in Germany right? I miss those days that I have my very own October fest in Malaysia. We rounded a few friends, BYOB, hire an apartment to crash and trash. Hahah.

Olivier said...

impressionnante cette cruche !!!! il y a quoi dedans ? j'aime bien l'avant et apres avec tous ces bancs. bon weekend, je sais pas si vous faites la fête du 14 juillet ? si oui, bon bal des sapeurs pompiers

Cirnelle said...

Gosh, I feel ignorant now for asking... what's an apfelwein?

ColourMeCrazy said...

LB: The weizenbeers are lovely – it actually doesn’t taste very beer-ish. Have you tried white beers like Hoegaarten? That’s not very beer-ish as well so you might like that! I can totally relate with the red wine – I love a good glass as well….hmm…now I’m starting to sound like an alcoholic ;-)

Froggy: Hehe – OctoBeer! The only problem with beer is that it goes right through me and I end up wearing down a path to and from the toilets! ;-)

Zewt: I’ve never been to Oktoberfest but I’ve seen the photos! It’s enough to give any non-beer drinker nightmares!

AvecAmy: I think so too ;-) Or maybe even Belgium. They have good beer as well!

Manicblu: Hehe – yep – that’s the downside to drinking beer – the constant toilet trips ;-)

Inthealps: It’s also kind of freaky ;-)

Anigma: Hehe – your own Oktoberfest sounds like fun! Don’t forget the sausages!

Olivier: Salut! Il y avait un petit bar dans la cruche ! Pas de fête ici pour le 14 malheureusement mais amuse-toi bien !

Cirnelle : Apfelwein is a little like cider but not as strong or sweet tasting. Very low alcohol content so you don’t really get drunk on it ;-)

J.T. said...

Ah! you are in Sachsenhausen. Very nice. You are so close to a big city where foreign things are more available. Das ist gut!

I have never tried Apfelwein. In fact, that Glühwein that they bring out during Christmas time still sits in the bottle unopened. Have you tried Glühwein?

ColourMeCrazy said...

Yes, Sachsenhausen is beautiful. Have you been here?

Glühwein is like mulled wine isn't it? Served warm? If so, I've had that and quite like it - but I had it in Strasbourg and not in Germany but I'm guessing it's similar. It's good for a cold day ;-)

J.T. said...

I've not been inside Sachsenhausen but have driven past that place on the autobahn. :D

Glühwein is mulled wine and my cousin told me it is served warm. Good for a cold winter's day.

Since you have tried it, tell me .. is it sweet and/or tasty?

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Sounds like Apple wine to me.. was it any good??
We are having fun in Pau.. Went to Lourdes today!!
Take care! --Leesa

ColourMeCrazy said...

JT: yep - I've definitely had Glühwein in that case. It's quite nice! And definitely stop by Sachsenhausen - lots of leafy trees and good food!

Islandgirl: Yep - that's what it is - apple wine! Oooo, Lourdes! I've been there. Have a great holiday!