Monday, July 02, 2007

I’ve been tagged!

I’ve been tagged by Cirnelle from Storm in a teacup!

I’m usually a pretty lazy blogger and tend to let tags slip my mind. So I thought I’d better stick to blogger etiquette and do this one straight away before my forgetfulness takes over.

5 things found in your bag

1. 2 T-Com ADSL/Phone Bills
Grrrr. We’ve been to T-Com twice to register our bank details so that they can direct debit our bills from our account but noooo, we keep receiving bills to telling us that we haven’t paid! We’ve given them authorisation to take money from our account! You’d think that they didn’t want our money!

2. Wet wipes
For all those germs on the Metro (you know, from people who don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet! You know who you are!). Urggghhh.

3. Umbrella
The weather is bloody unpredictable over here at the moment. Can someone please fix the weather?

4. Purse
I need money, cards and other bits of paper that I probably don’t need.

5. Water bottle
I’m not a camel and don’t have a hump to store water unfortunately.

5 favourite things in your room

1. Husband
When he’s not at work or in front of the TV of course. ;-)

2. Girlie fashion magazines
I’m addicted.

3. Books
I can’t fall asleep if I don’t read in bed. Haruki Murakami’s La fin des temps is taking me forever to read.

4. My bedside lamp
I need light to be able to read in order to fall asleep!

5. The closet
I like having clothes to wear so that I don’t wander around nude (it’s not a pretty sight!) in the streets of Frankfurt!

5 things you've always wanted to do

Only 5??? I could list a whole lot more!

1. Live in the same city with my entire family (immediate and extended) and close friends
This will probably never happen as everyone is scattered across the globe!

2. Quit my IT career and move into something more fulfilling. I don’t hold any passion for the corporate life. Only problem…I’m too lazy. It’s just much easier to do something within my comfort zone!

3. Do more travelling in Africa
One day…

4. Time travel
No one said this meme had to be realistic. I’d love to visit the future to see my future great-great-great-great grand kids (or just whether there are any at all!), the technology (is it all flying cars as per the 5th Element) and yeah, whether the world exists at all or it just a burnt piece of crusty earth. Then I’d visit the past – I want to see Elvis alive…not just in the local 7-11!

5. Own the Murdochs & the Packers
I’d wipe the media clean of Paris Hilton. Enough already!

5 things you're currently into

1. Learning German.
The person who developed the rules for German had wwaaayyy too much time on his/her hands!

2. Speaking French
Don’t ask me why the husband and I speak French to each other. He’s perfectly capable of holding a serious conversation in English except that every time he opens his mouth in English, it’s to make a joke! We never have serious conversations in English.

3. Deciding if we’re going to move back to France, to the UK or to Australia
I’m not fond of making decisions!

4. Communication
Trying to communicate with the other students in my German class! Not everyone speaks English and we don’t know enough German to be able to have any decent discussions!

5. Cooking spicy food
I’m trying to toughen up the husband’s stomach for when we head to Malaysia later this year ;-)

5 people you want to tag

This is a hard one.
I don’t have that many blogger friends and most people have already been tagged. So, if the following people haven’t been tagged yet…you’re it (obligation free of course)!

1. IslandGirl from The New Pink
Because you’re my favourite person to tag! And I like your photos!

2. Matt
Just trying to make you write more!

3. Gina from Absolute Ginger
Your blog is addictive!

4. Mir from The Dim Sum Diaries
I’m addicted to your blog as well!

5. Anyone else who wants to do a meme! Please go ahead!


gina said...

LOL. Wow.. I am honoured to do this.. wait till I get my humour bones tickled.

Olivier said...

j'ai ete taggé moi même et je trouve que tu t'en sors très bien, avec beaucoup d'humour.

I was tagge me even and I find that you leave yourself there very well, with much humour.

gina said...

Eh.. I've completed the meme as requested. :)

Cattiva said...

I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who must read before falling asleep. It doesn't matter what time I fall into bed, either.

J.T. said...

I've had problems with Deutsche Telekom too (T-COM). They kept sending me bills. Then I brought the bills over to the post office and told them I need to do a direct debit.
They said I must fill up a form (that comes with the bill) and post it back to the proper branch that bills me (see front page of your bill for the address).
If you have done all these already, then something is wrong with Deutsche Telekom.
My friend has been waiting for her internet connection for 2 weeks now. Apparently they were on strike or something.

You too (including Cattiva) who must read before sleeping. If I don't read something, I find it hard to sleep. Of course, sometimes boring news on TV and lull me straight to dreamland. :)

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

OH MON DIEU!!! I asked for it.. eh!!
Hi Fi--- I changed my name... and layout.. I found a copyright somewhere for the New Pink image I had at the top of my blog page.. so I just changed it and put up one of my photos.. and put my blog title.. News From France... Just some FYI for you... Leesa

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Oh yes... We had a great WE.... Stop by and see!!!
Hope you had a nice WE, too!!!

ManicBlu said...

Water bottle and umbrella in your bag? What size bag are we talking about here? ;)

ColourMeCrazy said...

IslandGirl: Love the changes to your blog and all the new photos!

Manicblu: My bag is big! Have a look here:

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ha!Ha!Ha!Fav things in ur room is ur hubby!!!I don't know u can regard ur hubby as 'thing'!! He!He! BTW tq for dropping by. Woah! A reader from franch! Most interested to know more about franch. Have a nice day.

Froggy Woogie said...

I'm totally with you on the #2 Things you've always wanted to do. I think you stole it from my mind lol

ColourMeCrazy said...

Hi Hor Ny! Hehe - I like your name. Thx for dropping by as well. And yes, the Hubby is a "thing" - I own him - hehe ...shhh better not let him see that!

Froggy: One day I'll get there!

Cirnelle said...

Gosh! The T-Com story is not a Malaysian story? Hahahaha... actually, the opposite applies to Malaysia. I DON'T get my bills and just end up getting my line cut every few months, this despite me telling them over and over and over about where my address is.

ColourMeCrazy said...

Cirnelle: Hmm, that's even better - not getting a bill then getting your line cut! Well, hopefully you don't get charged a connection fee each time you have to reconnect!