Friday, July 20, 2007

Boudin noir

Seeing as I blatantly took advantage of the husband by posting his mini-English-stuff-ups, I thought that I should post a couple of my stuff-ups in French. The only problem is that neither of us could think of any good ones! See, I’m just not funny!

However, I do have one good one though.

For the first few years (yes, it always took a few years before we really managed to communicate properly!), Pépé used to call me his ‘petite boudin noir’ as a term of affection. Yep – ‘boudin noir’ as in black/blood sausage.

At first it was cute.

Then I thought, ‘what, he thinks I’m chubby’? ‘Boudin’ is sometimes used to describe chubby people.

Finally, one day, I asked him why he kept calling me his “petite boudin noir”. Sure it was sweet and everything, but really did he think I was that chubby?

And the truth came out.

In fact, what he was really saying was that I was his “petite bout d’amour” (little bit of love) and not his “petite boudin noir”!.

Well, it’s good to know that I don’t resemble a sausage!

On that note, have a good weekend everyone. I’m off to sunny La Rochelle for a super long extended weekend. Someone please turn the sun on for me!


The Late Bloomer said...

Hilarious! And so cute... I love that one, "petit bout d'amour"... Really sweet. But boudin noir?! You kill me...

I have a story behind the nickname my boy has for me: he was wondering why I would sign little notes and text messages with "XOXO" pretty often, and I explained that this was an anglophone's way of saying "bisous" -- basically. So from that day forward he started calling me "XOXO"... (I kinda like it, but in French it does sound funny! And most people always wonder what he's calling me...)

kayatan said...

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Cirnelle said...

At one point, I was working such long hours, my eyes made me look like a panda. So, that was my nickname for a while. I'm glad I have shed the look (along with the name).

The Hubby had a red nose every time the weather gets a bit hot, don't ask me why... so, his nick became Rudoplh and shortened to Rudy. And for an equally bizarre reason, since babies go "wah! wah!" when they cry, that's my daughter's nickname courtesy of the red nosed reindeer.

Anonymous said...

haha that's so funny, blood sausage doesn't sound like such a good compliment hehe, like being called haggis or something! i hope you post some pics of La Rochelle, I'm really intrigued about the city since i'm named after it strangely enough.

latebloomer- that is too funny re xoxo!

Froggy Woogie said...

Boudin Noir colours you crazy lol. Glad it was just a misunderstanding. Petit bout d'amour is very cute!

tongue in cheek said...

I love the tease of mixed up words. A cute book could be made up of these.

J.T. said...

aww.. nice nickname - petite bout d’amour.

I agree with you that initially boudin noir would sound cute but as time goes by you will wonder why did he give you such a name and if he was using it to describe your physique. :)

My ex-colleague has thick eyebrows but they were not ugly. For some reason, it complements his good looks. I told him his eyebrows reminds me of "Oscar" on Sesame Street. From that day, I started calling him "Oscar". He did not mind it and the name caught among our clique. :) When other colleagues heard us calling him by that name, they all wondered how did he get such a nickname. They thought he was a Malay guy trying to forget his own name and carry a western name. :)

Dumdad said...

"Little Bit of love" was an excellent song by Free. Just thought you'd like to know that.

In your other post, I loved the "shalom suckers."

What fun we couples in "mixed" marriages have! My Anglo-Frog children, whose first language is French, still get the giggles over my accent when I speak French.

Nathalie said...

Boudin noir, bout d'amour, hilarious story! You're right - calling a girl a 'boudin'in France is rather derogatory!
Glad you clarified it in the end!
Very funny!

Now you'll have to tell us why Pepe is called Pepe. Is he old enough to be a grand-father? LOL

ColourMeCrazy said...

LB : Hehe – that’s funny – him calling you XOXO ! It’s also funny that you sign your notes with XOXO. Our family in Australia does it with XXXX! I’m not sure if this is just a family thing or an Australian thing though.

Kayatan: Hello. Ok – I’ll have a look once I get home on Thursday.

Cirnelle: Hehe – glad to hear you lost the panda eyes!

DestinationMetz: You know what, I didn’t actually take any photos of La Rochelle this time round – we’ve had horrible weather lately. I’ll have to try to dig up some old photos when I get back! Are you called Rochelle? Or La? Hehe ;-)

Froggy: Yeah, I’m glad he didn’t actually mean to call me ‘boudin’!!

TongueInCheek: We should definitely get together and compile a book of these misunderstandings I think!

JT: Hehe – that’s quite funny you calling your colleague Oscar. I would probably think of the fish – wasn’t there an animated film with a fish called Oscar in it?

Dumdad: I’ll have to check out that song by Free. Ooo, your lucky kids being able to benefit from both languages. I wish I learnt French as a child!

Nathalie: Thanks for stopping by! I see you’re based in Sydney! I’ll be visiting your blog more when I get home! Hmm, as for the Pépé thing…hehe – I’ll give you 3 guesses! It’s not because he’s old – he’s actually 4 years younger than me!

Bee said...

You are in la Rochelle in the Loire alley? Enjoy the sun!

tinyhands said...

Awesome, I'm totally stealing that to call my g/f that. Sausage, that is, not the mushy love stuff.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Good! Now I can learn some french word. Have a nice day!

J.T. said...

Oh yeah, was it the one with Will Smith as the voice of the fish? Shark Tales? I forgot. If I am wrong, and if someone remembers, please correct me. :)

ColourMeCrazy said...

Bee: I was near La Rochelle in the Charentes – further south-west-ish. We had sun for 1 day then it was rain rain and more rain!

Tinyhands: Thanks for stopping by! Hehe – yeah, go call your gf “sausage”! I’m sure she’ll appreciate that ;-)

Hor Ny: You too – have a good day!

JT: Yes, that might be it…or is it the other fish story where a little fish gets separated from his father in Sydney…my memory is so bad. But I think you’re right!

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

That's HILARIOUS!! And sooo funny that you understood the German as well as you did being a bit TIPsy!!! Hope you are doing well... I am catching up on your comments and adding more to my blog now... Can you send me the link to your food blog again, please?! Ta, Leesa