Monday, July 09, 2007

Australian delicacy

After a weekend of entertaining guests, I’m feeling a little lazy today so I’ve recycled this post....

There’s an Australian delicacy that’s quite rare over here in Europe (well, at least in France and Germany). However last Saturday, there was a stand full of these goodies just down the street from me.

I’m sure you’re all thinking…Australian delicacy…hmm..kangaroo burgers? Crocodile ham? Koala steaks? Wrong wrong and wrong.

I’m talking about the humble TIM TAM. Ok, you might say well, Tim Tams aren’t Australian anymore; they’re American as Arnott’s is now American owned. But that’s beside the point. Tim Tams were born in Australia as far as I’m concerned!

What are Tim Tams? It’s basically a synonym for a little “slice of heaven”! Well, ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. It’s basically a chocolate cream biscuit sandwich enrobed by yet more chocolate! In other words, it’s the ultimate comfort food!

Anyway, over the weekend, my in-laws were in town and coincidentally, there was a huge street festival in our neighbourhood, where that particular Tim Tam-filled stand was. So naturally, I had to share a part of Australian heritage with them.

So, how much would you pay for a packet of Tim Tams?

I paid 5 euros!!!!! But it was worth every centime!


J.T. said...

golly! 5 Euros for Tim Tams. But I bet it was so worth it, huh?
Just like the time I found mangosteens and I paid USD4.50 for 3 or 4 fruits (or was it USD3.50.. forgot!). Expensive but I was so craving the taste. It was worth it.

Anyway, I haven't tasted them in a while. :) yumm..

Bee Ean said...

Wah it sound expensive. Yeah j.t. once I saw rambutan being sold in Chinatown NY. It was $1 each rambutan. I don't know who actually buy it.

Froggy Woogie said...

I didn't know this but it seems to be yummy indeed. I'll ask about it to one of my Aussie colleagues.
As for recycling posts, it's good for the planet ;)

matthew said...

!!! thats crazy, Safeway had them on special last week for AU$1.63 or so a pack.. and they had the filled ones as well... with rasberry etc... BUT no dark choc :-( my fav.... :-)
I think they ae usually about AU$3.00 a pack... any hoo i brought a couple of packs and took some to my mum, as she likes them as well :-)

anigma said...

Wah.. so pricey ah?? Here is about RM2.95 to RM3.50 worr.. but then, I always waited till got cheap sale then only I will buy. Yeah! I love Tim Tam too!

Anonymous said...

ahhh the humble tim tam. i wish i had a pack right now. they are so good with a cup of tea, straight from the fridge.

ColourMeCrazy said...

JT: Yep – 5 euros! And yes, it was really worth it! Hehe – the things we do! I can totally relate with mangosteens as well – I love them! Haven’t had them for ages either. I actually saw them in the local Asian grocery store but they were frozen so probably not as good as the fresh ones in Malaysia!

Bee Ean: Hehe – people like me who will pay 5 euros for a packet of tim tams!

Froggy: Tim tams are great! Where are you? They might have some where you are.

Matt: yep – that’s crazy! Filled Tim Tams?? Those are new! They weren’t out the last time I was back!! YUM!

Anigma: That’s pretty cheap – almost cheaper than in Australia!!

DestinationMetz: I love them chilled! So more-ish…until 2 packets later and you feel sick ;-)

The Franco Fille said...

Never heard of them, but they sound yummy!

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Never heard of Tim Tams but they must be good.... for 5 euros.. hehehehe! Hope you cherished each bite... Nice to read your posts... Take care, Leesa

ColourMeCrazy said...

Francofille: Hmm, I think I need to start a Tim Tam import business in the States! ;-)

IslandGirl: They were good for 5 euros! I'll have to stock up when I go home in August!

Froggy Woogie said...

colour, can we start to fill in the order form? Hehe

Cirnelle said...

What?! There's actually people who've never heard of Tim Tams?! Gasp!!! Impossible. I'd better go buy some 4 digits.

kayatan said...

I love Tim Tams. I can gobble down 1 pack within 10minutes, especially during my period days :)-.

How about Kit Kat, "Have a break, have a Kit Kat", that was a very popular TV ad. in Australia in the 80's.

There are lots of similar kind of chocolate cream cookie here in US (yap, they use cookie here, biscuit is one kind of their bread). I will let u know the exact name of the one that I tasted in the state that tastes like TT.

Yes, I love my kangaroo pie and my wild rabbits steaks :):).

If u live with Aussie long enough, u will know about their "white christmas bar", heard of it ? I used to be a fair dinkum cina aussie who grew up with my pure white aussie church youth group. Ya, those days !

I missed aussie ice cream, they are sure much milky, richer than our US counter part :)-

Aiya, Cirnelle dear, branding can be different lah. If one has not gone to Aust, there is no reason they should know abt TT lah, here a lot more varieties lah. There are a lot of things/brands in the state u might not know, if u have not been here. Like me when I first got here, I did not even know how to operate a central heater/AC. Apa ini, after living in Aust. for >20+ years, we never used central heating lah. Too warm ! even our winters were mild.

ColourMeCrazy said...

FroggyWoogie: hehe...then again, it probably wouldn't be a profitable business - I'd eat all the stock ;-)

Cirnelle: Yep - all these poor unfortunate people ;-)

Kayatan: I love Kit Kats too but these are available almost everywhere I think. We get them here as well.
And you didn't use central heating in Melbourne??? I do!!! It gets cold in winter!

kayatan said...


I only has a small space heater while I was in Melbourne. I only stayed in Mel. for a year. The rest was in Sydney. Sydney has the best weather in the world. All year mediteranean kind of weather, shiok !

Might be those times, central heating was not a trend (very long time ago, it was like 30yrs ago, gosh). I remembered the only family in our neighborhood that has central heater was a Greek family. The dad was a building contractor, he was pretty rich !

Me and my Kuching girlfriend was assigned by the Aust. Highcom. to say with a elderly ladies (she was 90years old :):). That was the old policy I supposed.

We had to board with an Australian family if we did not have any relative in Aust. We cannot flat on our own !

U know I eat chocolate everyday. I am a chocoholic but America's chocolate are not as rich as Aust. (if they have not change).

American has the weirdest sense of humor when it comes to food. They are so sophisticated that a lot of sweets they have are low fat, sugar free. ! What is that, if want to indulge in sweet, have it 100%, 100% fat, 100% sugar. I dislike their milk , so dilute ! I only drink full cream milk, no 1/2 lah, skim milk lah, taste like 'longkau' water leh !

Aust. milk is semua full cream , man ! Nice !

I am very fortunate, u see I eat chocolate all day long but I am not fat :):), ha ha ha ha.

ColourMeCrazy said...

Kayatan: You're lucky you don't put on weight from eating chocolate all day long ;-) I need your metabolism!
Yep - I prefer full fat and full sugar foods as well! Except for milk - I can only drink half fat milk! But everything else must have full fat and sugar otherwise it's just not worth it ;-)

And ok - yeah, in Sydney, not many places have central heating but in Melbourne, central heating is everywhere! And I can't live without it in winter!

Anonymous said...

revisiting your page and saw the tim tam photo again...its making me hungry for a midnight snack but i have no timtams!

ColourMeCrazy said...

DestinationMetz: Hehe - head for the nearest 7-11! I've been told that Tesco in the UK stocks Tim Tams - I'll have to make a stop the next time I'm over there ;-)

Alvin said...

Tim Tams..? What's that? It looks nice but i dont think i've ever seen one in Malaysia. Maybe ISETAN KLCC or Marks & Spencer has it? Hmm... Hopefully it's not RM 20 per pack :P