Friday, June 29, 2007

What the..?

(Please excuse the poor quality image; I had to take a photo of the flyer as our scanner is in storage!)
(Veuillez excuser cette image de mauvaise qualité. J’ai pris une photo de la brochure car notre scanner est en garde-meubles)

Yesterday we received a flyer in our mailbox for a new Restaurant called “Bollywood”!

The flier reads “Indische & italienische Spezialitäten”.

What the heck?

Even in German, it’s pretty clear that the house specialty is “Indian & Italian” food! Now that combination seems a little odd to me. Will they be serving butter chicken pizzas? Or perhaps korma spaghetti with a little naan to soak up the sauce? Or maybe a madras lasagna?

I just can’t understand why the Indian and Italian combination. The 2 countries aren’t even close by. For example, if they specialised in Belgian-Dutch food, well, I could understand that, the 2 countries are next to each other and the food from both countries could possibly have influences from each other. There are many Thai-Chinese-Vietnamese type restaurants which sort of makes sense (even though the food they serve may be a little dodgy!) as these are countries from the same region.

Even if it was, say, Indian-German, I could understand. You know, Indian food in Germany is bound to have a little bit of a German influence. Or say, Indian-Italian in Italy where Indian food is influenced by the local Italian food. However, Indian-Italian in Germany is just plain bizarre.

I’m guessing that this is the result of an Indian-Italian couple that now live in Germany and couldn’t decide if they wanted to open an Italian restaurant or an Indian restaurant. So, hey – best of both worlds!

The menu looks pretty normal (well, for an Indian-Italian restaurant anyway), Indian food on one side and Italian food on the other. There are a couple of exceptions though: Tandoori pizza and a Bollywood pizza.

I’m a little worried about going there. They’ll probably have either really good Indian food and crappy Italian food or vice-versa. Or just really crappy food in general.

Still, it’s probably a good place to go if you’re with someone else and can’t decide what you want. You could have a pizza while he or she has a hearty madras curry! Or you could start off with samosas, and then have spaghetti carbonara as a main!

Oh, and I would have probably given more thought to naming the place as well. Bollywood definitely sounds more like an Indian restaurant and doesn’t quite reflect the true specialities of the restaurant. Instead of Bollywood, I’d have more of a fusion name such as Taj Roma or maybe Casa Bombay.

On the other hand, maybe it’s not such a bad idea (It’s still a freaky idea though)! After all, I’ve always wanted to eat chips (yes, they even have chips on the menu) with a fish vindaloo!

Did I also forget to mention that there are hamburgers and cheeseburgers on the menu as well??

Hier nous avons reçu une brochure dans notre boîte à lettres pour un nouveau restaurant qui s’appelle “Bollywood”.

Indische & italienische Spezialitäten” est marqué clairement sur la brochure.

Quoi ?

Même en allemand, il est évident que la spécialité du restaurant est la nourriture ‘Indienne-Italienne’ ! Cette combinaison me paraît un peu bizarre. Serviront-ils une pizza massala? Ou peut-être un spaghetti korma accompagné de quelques morceaux de naan ? Ou possiblement une lasagne madras ?

Je n’arrive pas à comprendre la combinaison de la nourriture Indienne et Italienne ! Ces 2 pays ne sont même pas proches géographiquement. Pas exemple, si la spécialité était la nourriture Belge-Néderlandaise, bon, je comprendrais car ces 2 pays sont côte à côte donc la nourriture de ces 2 pays peut avoir des influences de l’autre pays. Je comprends aussi qu’il y a beaucoup de restaurants Thaïs-Chinois-Vietnamiens car ces pays viennent de la même région (même si la nourriture de ces restos n’est pas toujours bonne!).

Je peux également comprendre le mélange entre la nourriture Indienne-Allemande. La nourriture Indienne en Allemagne pourrait avoir des influences allemandes. Et encore la nourriture Indienne-Italienne en Italie où la nourriture Indienne a des influences locales Italiennes. Par contre, Indien-Italien en Allemagne est un peu étrange.

Ceci est sans doute le résultat d’un couple Indien-Italien qui habite maintenant en Allemagne et qui n’arrive pas à se décider s’ils veulent un restaurant Italien ou Indien. En ouvrant un restaurant Indien-Italien, ils arrivent à avoir le meilleur des 2 mondes !

Le menu me semble plus ou moins normal (pour un resto Indien-Italien en tout cas), la nourriture Indienne d’un côté et Italienne de l’autre côté. Il y a quelques exceptions : une pizza Tandoori et une pizza Bollywood.

En revanche, cela ne me tente pas d’y aller. A mon avis, ils auront soit de très bons plats Indiens et de très mauvais plats Italiens ou vice-versa. Sinon, ils auront de la nourriture très mauvaise en générale.

En réfléchissant, cet endroit serait une très bonne idée si l’on est avec quelqu’un d’autre et n’arrive pas à se décider. Vous pouvez commander une pizza pendant que lui ou elle commande un curry au Madras. Autrement, vous pouvez commencer avec des samoussas et ensuite, avoir un Spaghetti Carbonara en plat principal.

De plus, il faut absolument retravailler le nom du restaurant. Bollywood me paraît plus Indien que Italien et ne présente pas les spécialités du restaurant. Au lieu de Bollywood, j’aurais utilisé un nom un peu plus ‘fusion’ tant que Le Taj Roma ou encore La Casa Bombay.

De toute façon, le resto Indien-Italien ne sera pas une si mauvais idée (toujours un peu bizarre !) car j’ai toujours voulu manger des frites (ils ont des frites aussi) avec un poisson vindaloo!

Il y a aussi des hamburgers ET cheeseburgers dans le menu ! (pas très Indien ni Italien !)


Olivier said...

Hummm une pizza tandori, cela doit etre pas mal, j'avoue avoir un TRES GRAND faible pour la nourriture indienne. j'avoue etre comme toi perplexe avec ce melange, mais on attend de toi une enquete tres precise. je te souhaite un bon weekend

Froggy Woogie said...

Hey I'd be thrilled to try that. Really! I'd go and ask for the most Indiani or Itadian dish and take the chance to talk with the owner and ask for the origin of such a concept. I do that when given the chance.

Cirnelle said...

Well, I can relate Italian with Indian food, sure. Whack some Thairu (yogurt) with those Italian ice creams (what do you call those?)

kayatan said...

No need to so much lah, just go and try and let us know how it is :).
A, I finished the tag 10 things u don't want to know abt me. I hope u like it :)-

Cattiva said...

OK, now you HAVE to go and give us the review when you get back!!

Love the new layout, too!

J.T. said...

I think you have better suggested names for their restaurant. Bollywood says "all Indian". If it is a fusion of two countries' cuisines, they should have just gone with something more creative.

Go and try it and let us know if it is any good. Where is this restaurant now? Frankfurt?

ColourMeCrazy said...

Olivier: Oui, je suis curieuse maintenant…je crois qu’il faut que je leur rends visite! Bon week-end à toi aussi!

Froggy: I'm looking forward to having samosas and a pizza now!

Cirnell: I think those Italian icecreams are called Gelato or Gelati. How about a mango lassi gelato perhaps?

Catt: Thx! And I'll be sure to take photos as well ;-)

JT: Yep - this restaurant is in Frankfurt - Sachsenhausen - if you ever in town! I'll have to go now - all this pressure ;-)

ManicBlu said...

The sign is hilarious. Beautiful Indian girl with hamburger and cheeseburger on either side of her picture. Me thinks someone could use a little help in the marketing department. ;)

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Oh!! You MUST try it and tell us all how it is! I LOVE Indian food and Italian is okay... But we are going for Indian again next Sat... a Gare de Nord..
The resto is Restaurant VISHNY on Rue Cail ... go look for it and you WON'T be disappointed!!! Ciao, Leesa

ColourMeCrazy said...

ManicBlu: Thanks again for stopping by! Hehe - yeah, I hope the brochure doesn't reflect the food!

IslandGirl: Thanks for the name of the resto! I'll definitely look out for it the next time I pass by!

gina said...

Hahha! Here, everything is possible. We have kung pou spaghetti, satay pizza and some jamaican pizza served in California Pizza Kitchen!

ColourMeCrazy said...

Gina: Hehe - Satay Pizza! that should be interesting! And Kung Pau spaghetti - too weird!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I love that image on the flyer...that would be enough to get me to go!

ColourMeCrazy said...

Hi Maryam, thanks for stopping by! Yep - I'm planning to go at some point out of curiosity!

tongue in cheek said...

Bollywood Pizza why not!

Anonymous said...

it reminds me of that seinfeld episode where the pakistini neighbour opens the restaurant thats pakistani, chinese, italian etc.

ColourMeCrazy said...

Tongue in cheek: Thx for stopping by. We still haven't tried the Bollywood pizza!

DestinationMetz: I think I missed that episode unfortunately! But Seinfeld's always funny!