Friday, June 15, 2007

Ten things you may not want to know about me

I’ve been procrastinating about this tag from The Late Bloomer only because I’m struggling to come up with 10 things about me that are not too boring, bizarre (don’t want to put off any readers!) or just downright shameful to write about. After many sleepless nights, (ok, I didn’t really have any sleepless nights but it sounded more dramatic) I finally came up with the list!

1. When I was 8, I wanted to be a nun. Don’t laugh! I was very serious. There were nuns in my school in my little hometown of Klang (Malaysia) and they were lovely! I wanted to be just like them when I grew up!

Naturally I changed my mind…when I got into the animal phase that all little girls go through. I then wanted to be a vet.

2. I’m an only child but when I was little, I used to have imaginary brothers! All 7 of them! You know, like in the TV show (not the musical) 7 Brides for 7 Brothers ! I had to give them up when they started being a little too high maintenance!

I was also a real tom boy as a child and would climb trees and run around the neighbourhood with all my boy friends (not boyfriends! I was 7 or 8!). I grew out of it eventually but I can still out-skull* Pépé (not without consequences naturally!).

3. It pains me to say that I don’t have a single creative bone in my body but I really really wish I had. I love absolutely anything remotely pretty or crafty. I’ve basically attempted almost all crafty type activities at some point or other at my life.

I’ve knitted unfinished scarves, crocheted 1 finished scarf, made bracelets and necklaces which I never wear, sewed a skirt, which I do wear occasionally, painted pictures, sketched curtains (yes, curtains!), hand-made cards, hand-made little photo frames, Photoshopped invitations, and even hand-bound mini books!

Oh, and my greatest achievement, I’ve scrap-booked an entire photo-recipe album for a close friend’s hen night!

4. Naturally, loving the arts and crafts, I’m also a short course junkie! In addition to short courses for EACH and EVERY craft activity above, I’ve also done short courses in Spanish (all I remember now is how to order beer and ask if there is hot water!), Mandarin (I can write BIG and SMALL in Mandarin!) and Dutch (nothing. I remember absolutely nothing in Dutch). Oh, and I’ve also done photography, Illustrator, and cooking short courses!

I also used to love doing drama short courses. I found that it de-stressed me after a hard day’s work at the office! Pépé used to make fun of me and every time I’d get stressed or snappy, he’d tell me to “be a tree”!

5. Speaking of Pépé, I am 4 years older than him. I met him when I was 27 but he thought that I was 18! I didn’t really lie about my age…he just never asked me. Naturally, he impressed all his little friends by telling them my age!

6. I’m also a confirmed non-francophile. I never had an interest in France, French or anything remotely French. It was just another country on the other side of the world…until I met Pépé. It was also a complete accident that I even met Pépé.

It was back during my backpacking days. My working holiday visa for the UK had just run out but I wasn’t ready to head home so I planned to do a Spanish immersion course in Guatamala. However, my dad was completely against me going to Guatamala…you know, single young Asian female in a country with guerrillas! So I compromised and signed up for immersion French in Québec, which suited me as I was a bit of a Canadian-o-phile (Canadien men are hot!) at the time.

To cut a long story short, completely unplanned and on the rebound (bloody Canadien men! Not so hot afterall!), I met Pépé in Québec!

I’m still a non-francophile…though as I’m married to a French man, I don’t know if I still qualify ;-)

7. During my university years, I once worked at a hip but sleazy nightclub on King Street in Melbourne …for 1 night. I quit after the shift manager put his arm around me and said that he could see big things happening for me. I didn’t want to know how big! I then found a really fun job working as a waitress on big party boats that cruised the Melbourne Yarra River.

The only problem was that I get seasick (and carsick, bus-sick…basically any type of motion-sickness) extremely easily and once the boat that I was working on headed out to the bay on an extremely choppy day! The captain had to pull over and let me off!

It was also at this job that I met one of my closest friends Matt.

8. I love alternative rock and used to be try-hard alternative during my university days! I used to hang out with longhaired men, listened groups like the Soundgarden, Hüsker Dü, the Pixies and The Replacements, and wore a lot of black.

My musical tastes have somewhat expanded however, I still love the Pixies and prefer to write or study (when I last did my Masters) with Rammstein in the background…over and over again!

9. I’ve been lasiked! For years I used to walk around in a haze because I never realised that my eyesight was terrible. Then when I discovered, I moved onto heavy thick glasses that gave me headaches from the weight and contact lenses that dried up my eyes (especially from the smoke in those alternative type clubs that I used to hang out in!). Before I went on a 3-year working-holiday-backpacking trip overseas many years ago, I got lasiked. The procedure was pretty new but I jumped at the chance that it would save me from lugging all the contact lens solutions around with me. Plus, the freedom of waking up every morning with clear vision was too much to pass up.

The procedure was scary. I like being able to see (!) and the thought of someone hacking into my eyes …urghghghg. Being naturally cautious, I had 1 eye operated on first and then when that worked out well, 6 months later, I had the other done. I was extremely lucky as everything went smoothly and since then, I have never looked back!

10. I can’t sleep with the closet door open. If the closet’s in the bedroom, its door has to be closed! When I was in primary school and we were learning about World War 2, I once had a dream that an army of Nazis came out of my closet. Since then I have never left the closet door open when I’m in bed. Pépé thinks I’m crazy!

Phew, and there you have it – 10 things! I hope you haven’t run screaming the other way and madly clicking at your menu bar to get off my blog!

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*skull, to
verb:- to drink your drink in one go.


Bee said...

You have a very high level of French (at least to me) and you are telling me that you non-francophile? At least you take effort to write in French. Yeah you met your husband unexpected but that's where it's interesting. We call it destiny isn't it?

I will try to do this in my blog but not sure can come out with 10 things as interesting as yours. :-)

Hey I didn't know we have nun in Klang. Why they are all gone now?

Antipodeesse said...

Very entertaining!

I refute your claim of not having a crafty bone in your body though!

Cattiva said...

Hmmm....I'm going to have to think about this one.

J.T. said...

Very interesting!

Hilarious! "Canadian men are hot" followed by "Bloody Canadian men! They are not so hot after all!"

So, who were the nuns in Klang that impressed you? Do you remember their names?

avec amy said...

Very enjoyable! I'm 4 years older than my Frenchie too, and can completely relate regarding not being a Francophile. Looking forward to checking back later! Amy

kayatan said...

Oooo, that is how u meet yr husband :)-
I did a lot of similar things when I was younger :)-

ColourMeCrazy said...

Bee: Yep - I'm proudly non-francophile! And thanks for the compliment. Yep - we did have nuns. When I was in primary school in Convent back in Klang, we had 2 nuns and they were teachers. Though I think they left before i finished primary school.

Antipo: Thanks as well! Looking forward to seeing your list!

Catt: No rush! take your time.

JT: Yep - I remember the nuns. I think one was Sister Justine and the other, Sister Stella! And they were both nice...though from what I remember, Sister Justine used to tell me off more than Sister Stella!

AvecAmy: Thanks for stopping by!

Kayatan: yep - we met a long long time ago..ok, not so long..I don't want to sound old ;-)

J.T. said...

Oooo... I remember Sister Justine. She could read lips. Thus the telling off a lot. hahaha
Oh, and she was a little impatient with children and teenagers. That's why. :D

Jennifer said...

I can't sleep with the closet door open either! I'm glad I'm not the only one with this strange affliction! :)

WokandSpoon said...
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ColourMeCrazy said...

Hey JT - Did you go to Klang Convent as well???

Jennifer: hehe - I should probably be old enough to sleep With the door open but...I just can't!

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

I could NEVER sleep with the closest door open when I was young.. But NOW... we CAN"T sleep with the armoire door open.. or we would bang ourselves up on it in the dark!! hheheheheh!! LOVED your TOP !!!
BTW.. that was strawberry something I made one day.. kind of like a colis.. but thicker.. I am "working" on your tag to me today.. but not done yet.. still have more to add... Happy dimanche!!! --- Leesa

J.T. said...

Convent Klang, it was. 1980 - 1984.
And you?

ColourMeCrazy said...

Hi Islandgirl: Can't wait to see your top list as well!

JT: It's such a small world!

matthew said...

You rock !!!!
I have finally found time (now that exams are over) to sit down and read your list... it is great... i am touched that you mentioned me.. you are too nice
:-).. your up there in my top 3 or 5 list of close friends as well
Pepe is too funny 'be a tree'.. i was thinking the same thing and was laughing very loudly here.. my neighbours probably think i am a little LOCO., as for me.. well there are many things that have yet to be revealved... as a great woman once said- in order to keep ones self interesting, one must maintain an air of mystery. If i was to give away 10 whole things at once.. geez louise , game over !!!!!! hehehe
However, i could here a whole lot more about you :-)
'You am i' didn't rate a mention in your list of bands??

ColourMeCrazy said...

Your neighbours probably don't "think" that you're a little LOCO, they "know" that you're a little LOCO, so laugh as loud as you want! ;-)

anigma said...

You are just being too modest when you said you don't have creative bones.. in fact, you wrote darn creatively. :)

I want more! MORE! MORE! Hehhe.

ColourMeCrazy said...

Anigma: Thx! Hehe - you can't have more - I don't want to scare all my friends away ;-)