Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pink nightmare

I have sweat pouring down the sides of my face, my fingernails are torn and bitten to the nail bed and I’m in a mood that could sour the milk in every single cow on a Texan ranch! I’ve just spent the last 2 hours trying to bring our brand new WIFI internet connection to come to life.

While I’ve heard of lots of problems concerning T-Com (Deutsche Telekom), I have to say (TOUCH WOOD. I’m touching my wooden chair as I type) that so far, they’ve been pretty efficient. It has taken just under 2 weeks to get our phone and internet connection up and going. Connecting the internet in France took us about a month!

Despite a few teething problems (we had a problem with our phone line and within a day of lodging the issue, I was greeted by a young German T-Com employee this afternoon and the problem was fixed!) and an ugly PINK website, everything seemed A-OK…until it came to installing the internet connection.

Sure, I had a colourful, HOT PINK CD to help me along the process…only one problem…the CD wouldn’t run on my laptop as my operating system (lovely Windows Vista), was in French and not German! Phooey.

Establishing the connection isn’t really that difficult once you work out that the username given by T-Com is the number XXXXX, plus the number YYYYYYY and the number ZZZZZ added to “”. I’m sure it tells you somewhere in the manuals and the letters (printed on recycled paper, mind you. I was very impressed!), however, given that my German skills are nonexistent, it took me several hours of scouring expat forums on the internet to get this information.

Anyway, after long long hours of pulling at my hair and swearing to myself in every language that I could swear in, we have lift-off! I am now typing this little ditty over our brand new German T-Com internet connection. (and yes, I am still clutching my wooden chair)


The Late Bloomer said...

Always a relief to finally have that Internet connection set up and to feel the FREEDOM! And then you have the days where it just REFUSES to connect -- usually right at the precise moment when you REALLY need it, of course! Murphy's Law...

Here's hopin' the German system works like a charm for you!

ColourMeCrazy said...

LB, It's working, it's working (fingers crossed)! only problem is the WIFI which keeps dropping out for goodness know's why! I'm completely addicted to the Internet and can't live without it!