Sunday, May 06, 2007


I stole something from a shop yesterday.
Well, not consciously!

In my entire life, I have NEVER ever consciously stolen anything (except for bandwidth!). No, not even when I was a kid, I never even sneaked any sweeties from the local store down the road.

Yesterday, after browsing through a fairly hip and trendy design-type store, on my way out, I picked up what I thought was a free magazine from a pile stacked up next to the exit, thinking that while I couldn’t understand German, it would be interesting to look at the photos.

2 hours later, sitting in a café drinking an iced coffee, I scanned through the magazine before noticing on the cover that its price was listed on the cover for various European countries. 2€ in Deutschland! That is, 2EUR in Germany! This means that I just cruised out of that shop, magazine in hand without paying for it! And no one stopped me. No one came up and said “Fraulein, you have to pay for that”. I just stole something!

I felt bad about it, and then started worrying that the CCTV cameras would now have me on tape (or even worse, on hard disk – you know, with the digital age and all) stealing that magazine. I could never go back to that shop! The German authorities probably had me on their most-wanted list, I could be deported! However, Pépé assured me that they had more important things on their hands than a short Asian girl pinching a 2EUR magazine.

The thing is, I thought it was free, given that the magazine was stacked up on the floor (not even in one of those magazine bins) right next to the exit door. Everyone knows that’s where you put free magazines!

If you don’t want people walking out with your magazines without paying for them, don’t put them near the exit!

So there you have it, that’s my dirty little secret. What’s yours?


matthew said...

if you felt that bad about it why didn't you go back and pay for it?, or have Pepe do it for you?.. unless you have posted this in the hope that your BLOG fans (ie. people such as myself) will help you justify your illegal activities..... ;-)
hmm the thief of hearts, has now moved on to the more material ;-)
I still love you, even though you have morphed into a darker, gritter oliver-twist-dickens type person... (hmm Mental note to self-- rememeber to check that my watch and wallet are still on my person after my next meet with 'colour me...' ) hehehe

ColourMeCrazy said...

hehe - I didn't feel bad about it enough to get back onto the metro and go all the way back to the shop! Plus, it would have been closed already (excuses, excuses!). I think I can live with having nicked a 2EUR magazine! as hard as it may be! hehe!

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Or you could just read it and bring it back when you are done.. explaining in French/English that you took it by mistake, not understanding German... and you at returning it at your earliest convenience... Hahahaha!! Or, don't worry... I am SURE no one noticed... Hey.. I walked out of Monoprix a few weeks ago... beeping at the door sensor detectors and NOT haven't taken anything I hadn't paid for, I had NO idea what was up... I had my workout bag with me and was carrying my groceries in my hand.. The store security guy was super nice and I explained that I didn't take anything and don't know why I would beep.. I emptied my bag and it was comical... we passed the bag thru several times.. beeping and not beeping.. A REAL mystery.. It turned out to be the Yves Rocer hand lotion I had in a very small side pocket on the outside of the bag... I had not removed the sensor label from the lotion after I bought it a few weeks ago... and I actually had NO idea it was even there.. I don't know French shopping customs... so at LEAST the mystery was solved.. since I had set the sensors a few week ago at the same Monoprix when I had my workout bag with me... PS.. the guard was super nice and saw right away that I was American.. (my accent gave it away)... So, see... what can happen while shopping in stores in different countries....

ColourMeCrazy said...

hehe - I can just imagine you emptying the contents of your bag! I've had the same thing happen as well at Sephora - in the end, it was a sensor in a very old compact right at the bottom of my bag! Must watch out for those sensors!