Sunday, April 22, 2007

To Wiesbaden or not to Wiesbaden

We’ve been flat hunting and so far our biggest decision is whether to live in Frankfurt or Wiesbaden. Do we want big city (ok, so Frankfurt really isn’t that big if you compare its 700 000 or so inhabitants to roughly 14 million in the Ile-de-France/Paris region) or little city life (Wiesbaden can’t really be called a “city”, it’s more like a town).

While Wiesbaden is lovely, it’s almost too clean and proper. Being the capital city of Hesse, I suppose, it looks like all capital cities do, that is, neat (in other words, BORING!). I never really thought of myself as being a citadine but I actually like the grittiness of cities and the hustle and bustle of traffic and people.

Regardless, Wiesbaden did have some lovely gardens.

Pretty gardens.
This one is a little too “Geneva” for me!

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Patricia said...

Totally Wiesbaden After all, I grew up there. My cousin is also looking for a flat to buy, so I have been lurking here and there, shopping for afar. He moved back from Milan and is living in Frankfurt. Temporarily. Hope you find the apartment of your dreams. Thanks for sharing your photos.