Thursday, April 26, 2007

One week later…

And we’re still listening to German bingo echo out in the night! Not to mention the “wedding singer” type renditions of “Stand by me”, “Imagine” and “Knocking on heaven’s door” both before as well as after the bingo session. Having being rather warm lately, I suppose all doors and windows of the German bingo heaven were open last night, making it a rather late and sleepless night for us.

But the good news is that we will be moving into our very own furnished apartment in Frankfurt this weekend. Oh, for our very own bathroom again! It’s the simple pleasures in life isn’t it?

I’ll be looking forward to not having to scamper down the corridor dripping wet and wrapped in just a towel (there’s nowhere to hang anything else in the shared bathrooms of the pension). And no, it’s definitely not as sexy as it sounds given that I’m usually in a bad mood after the shower due to the minor soapy flood drowning my ankles as the water doesn’t drain away very well. Yes, I always have my rubber thongs (flip flops/slippers that is, not the g-string variety) on – who knows what you can catch in those shared bathrooms.

All we need now is internet connection so I don’t have to keep going to those smoke-filled phone/internet places where the keyboards hoard a mini-germ metropolis and conversations scream out in a multitude of languages. Cheap as they may be, all I can think of is what I can catch if I ever licked one of those keyboards…not that I’d have any reason to do that!


IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Glad to see you got a place with your own lieu! What a relief that will be! Congrats! Is the weather the same as in France? I hope the people are nice... too!
WIll you know be adding German to you belt of spoken languages? Continue to enjoy.. Love the pic posted below of the gardens.. Looks very peaceful.. Ciao, Leesa

matthew said...

uggghh you poor thing... though it does sound kind of nice and cosy and just the two of you :-)
i kind of like the idea of having the street/ local sounds interacting with you... more so... being brought along to you through the summer breeze ;-)

ColourMeCrazy said...

Islandgirl: It's great weather and the people are super nice! Even the "fonctionaires"! Yep - will be enrolling myself in German class soon - seeing as I can't work here.
Matthew: Cosy? We had separated twin beds! Well, at least I get to whinge about it!