Saturday, April 07, 2007

On hold

The immediate move back to Melbourne has been temporarily put on hold. We’re moving to Germany for at least the next 4 months. I feel like a teeny blade of grass swaying in the extremely violent wind.

I’ve been oscillating between extreme excitement at the prospect of discovering a whole new language (I literally can’t speak a word of German!) and culture (Germans scare me!), and pure fear (OMG, I’m going to be experiencing my first year in France all over again – only this time, I have no references to the culture ie. Pépé’s not German and can’t speak a word of German either!).

What happens when both parties can’t speak the language? The thing is, the whole time that I’ve been here, integrating into life in France has definitely been made easier by the fact that Pépé is French. Now I’m about to discover what life is really like for all those expats that move here without French partners.

Will I ever be able to get a job there without knowing any German? I’m a lousy housewife. I need to work. I’m bored when I’m not totally stressed out trying to multitask 500 things at the same time.

Anyway, I went out and bought a pocket handbook: Allemand pour Les Nuls (German for Dummies). Only, the book is in French. Is it possible to learn a third language from a second language? What does that do to my first language?

Either way, Allemand pour Les Nuls obviously didn’t see me coming when it was published. I’m beyond “dummy”. I should have gone for the Complete Idiot’s Guide instead, or maybe just the full-size German for Dummies.

I just don’t get German. Ok, I’m trying to learn a whole language from a bright yellow handbook the size of my wallet (I’m exaggerating a little, it’s not that small) in less than 3 hours. I need to be a little more patient.

Now that I’ve been living in French for a while and enjoying my new-found confidence in French, I’ve forgotten how “challenging” (a big bloody pain) it can be to learn a new language.

And the worst thing about moving to Germany for the next few months…I miss the rest of the Nouvelle Star season! (Yes, Pépé thinks that I need help as well)

Anyway, wish me bon courage!

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