Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Give me cobblestones

In keeping with the whole medieval-fortified town, we chanced upon a little place called Cordes-sur-Ciel, perched on a little hill about 20 minutes from Albi.

It was nice to finally see a town that hadn’t been restored to a sparkling brilliance, you know, where the cobblestones are a little too regular and you can’t see any weeds growing in-between them, where the walls of buildings have been repainted and then repainted again, and where everything looks like a reconstruction of some medieval Disneyland.

This place actually had residents still living in its little uneven, weedy (lots of weeds between those cobblestones!) and narrow streets. Plus, as it was slightly off the beaten path, there were hardly any tourists (or tourist shops) around. I loved this place!

Cordes from a distance. A dark and narrow alleyway with a view of the valley below. Cobblestones and weeds! People actually live here.

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