Thursday, April 19, 2007

First impressions

After a rather uneventful struggle to get to our pension,where they changed our reservations from a "double" room with shower and toilet, to one without (I'll get to that in a second), we finally managed to take in our relatively bleak surroundings before sitting down to an ultra cheap(but decent) Chinese meal.

We're currently residing in a little town that seems to have been constructed around a major automobile manufacturer (where Pépé is now employed), let's call it dasAutomobile. I kid you not. The town IS dasAutomobile, or dasAutomobile is the town - however you prefer to look at it.

Funny how in such a little lost town, the Chinese food was decent...however, not a chopstick was in sight! Forks were the norm.

As for the fickle pension, it's cozy...and clean. However the "double"room meant not a room with a "double" bed but a room with 2 beds. Grampa-&-granny-separated-beds-style sleeping has been enforced upon us! And I suppose I shouldn´t mention the bar next door that has LOUD German bingo echoing around the neighbourhood in the evenings...or the guy in the room next to us who makes cups of coffee at 6AM in the mornings.

Needless to say, we are looking for alternative temporary accommodation.

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