Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I knew it was a mistake packing away our winter coats (1st mistake) after last week’s fantastic weather. I’ve had to unpack 2 boxes just to get them out again. Not much fun.

Other than packing and repacking boxes, our weekend to La Rochelle and the surrounding area (Deux Sèvres) was rather ‘interesting’. We were at a surprise party (2nd mistake) for one of Pépé’s school friends that he hadn’t seen for over 10 years.

Before arriving, after having driven 4 hours in the morning, Pépé and I were exhausted and decided that we would just stay a couple of hours to say hello then head off. Unfortunately, upon arriving, we discovered that it was a sit-down affair (for 20 people!).

It was definitely an extremely interesting surprise party where the mother of the birthday boy wanted all the guests to hide upstairs and come down in pairs holding lit candles and singing happy birthday when the birthday boy walked in (about 2.5 hours after everyone got there!!).

Naturally, the birthday boy, upon seeing all these people that he didn’t know (the partners of long lost friends) and people that he sort of knew but couldn’t remember where from (the long lost friends), looked like he just wanted to run as fast as he could in the opposite direction. Needless to say, it all felt a little surreal.

Still, you had to give it to the mother for the effort that she put in!

Here’s a photo of our favourite cat Caline (the inlaws’ cat).

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