Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Old fashioned

On our way back from trip in South Africa, we made an impulse buy. We upgraded our non-digital Canon SLR to the new digital Canon 400D SLR. We’re now completely digital, from our little Sony quick shot snappy thing to our fancy SLR.

Since we only bought our digital SLR after the trip, a good part of our holiday photos are on film. 10 rolls of film to be precise. (Yes, in 3 weeks, we took 10 rolls of film – all 24 shots, filled a 500MB memory stick twice, and 2 128MB memory sticks)

Anyway, while it cost us a whopping 155 euros to develop 10 rolls of film, it still makes me a little sad to think that we’re abandoning a lifetime of eager apprehension and excitement of getting back packets of developed film, ripping apart the packets and flipping through the prints while laughing and giggling at the funny faces and bad hairdos in the photos.
Sure, we can do all that on computer now, you know, browse through the thumbnails of all our digital shots or even launch slide shows, but somehow that’s just not the same as having the actual photos in our hot little hands.

I remember back in my university days, taking a darkroom class and watching images in black and white prints slowly appearing while soaked in weird smelling solutions in shallow containers. Yet another pleasure that I’ll probably have to describe to my future children (if any!) in the past tense.

Well, despite our fancy new digital SLR buy, I think I’ll still be hanging on to all my film cameras for now…just for old times’ sakes.

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