Friday, December 22, 2006

Mad rush and pocket change

It’s over!

The mad shopping rush is over…well, more or less. Just one more little gift to get and I’m really done. The shops were brimming full with short-tempered Parisians and window-shopping tourists yesterday! What the heck are the window-shopping tourists doing here at this time of the year? You don’t mess with the Parisian Last Minute Christmas Rush Crowd.

Anyway, next year I’m really going to do my Christmas shopping early (I say that every year).

But as a treat for making it through this period, Pépé and I went to see Stéphane Rousseau at the Bataclan. Having never been to the Bataclan, we were really surprised to hear the usher (after kindly showing us to our seats) lower her voice and discreetly inform us that the ushers there were only renumerated by the tips that they received!

In our awkward scramble for change, we both realised that we had none (kindly donated to the local clochard). The lovely usher, noticing our dilemma, kindly mentions that she was able to return change. Pépé then hands her a 5 euro note and asks for 2 euros change!

A not-so-quick mental minute later, I realise that we just handed over 3 euros (!!) to be ushered down a 7 metre walk to our seats! And I’m not even sure it was 7 metres - it was probably more like 5 metres! If I had known that I would have taken much longer to walk those 7 metres.

Anyway, the moral of the story for today, don’t leave Christmas shopping to the last minute and always have pocket change.

Stéphane Rousseau was great!

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