Thursday, December 14, 2006

Boot perving

I love winter here.
Pépé thinks I’m absolutely nuts but there’s just something so Paree about Paris in winter, especially on a clear day. You know, the leafless trees, the crisp air that chills you right down to the roots of your hair, wisps of smoke from chimneys, people all rugged up in multi-colour scarves and coats….it’s just like something out of a soppy feel good B-grade Christmas movie that you’ve seen over and over again, that all TV channels pull out every Christmas! Anyway, the point is, I like winter.

And I also like winter because it means I can shop for boots!! I’ve been looking for brown boots since the start of winter and for some reason, shoe manufacturers only make boots for women with Giant tree-trunk calves! I can’t seem to find a pair that will fit me around the calves without making me look like I’m thumping around in Wellingtons!

In my hunt for the perfect pair of boots, I have realised that I’m not only a bag pervert but also a boot pervert. I just can’t stop myself from eyeing off other women’s boots!

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