Friday, November 10, 2006

Second thoughts

The reason why I quit my extremely underpaid position at an unnamed information systems consulting company is not just due to the fact that the job is a nightmare, the crazy hours, and the fact that one of my bosses has multiple personalities, but more due to the fact that after long deliberation, Pépé and I have decided to move back to Australia next year.

However, while we’ve made the decision, we haven’t set a concrete date (too much commitment!) to leave.

So knowing this, today my nice (not the multiple personality) boss calls and offers me a pay rise to stay on a couple of months next year! And now I’m thinking…hmmm, maybe this job isn’t such a nightmare; maybe the hours aren’t that long and maybe the other boss doesn’t have as many personalities as I think….

Funny how money can make you change your mind about so many things, and all at once!

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