Friday, November 24, 2006

Deep breathes

After much deliberation, Pépé and I have decided to move back to Melbourne next year…for good…or at least for a few years. The recent trips to London have made us nostalgic for good old easy-going Australian culture.

Despite London being a big city, people there seemed to be genuinely friendly and open, as opposed to Paris. From the singing British Rail employee to the Eastender-watching hairdresser, everyone in London just seemed ‘friendly’, and I don’t mean over-enthusiastic-McDonalds-employee-friendly.

Yes, I know I’m describing Londoners as being ‘friendly’. My aunt from Kent would describe them as being rude…she hasn’t been to Paris. Not that everyone in Paris is rude…just not as … openly friendly.

Anyway, just thinking about moving at this stage makes me hyperventilate – there’s so much organising to be done before we even move a hair out of this country! We have tons of junk in our little 56m square apartment, including the 15 or so boxes of stuff that we shipped over from Australia in the first place, and adding to that all the things we’ve accumulated in the last 2 years. Phew.

Then there’s the whole ‘starting over thing’, having to re-ignite old friendships, make new friends, get a new job, new place to live, new life, new everything.

Not to mention, the ‘leaving thing’. I’m a sentimental fool so it will be hard leaving:

* our overheated but cosy apartment
* family
* good friends
* job (ok, this one wasn’t so hard to leave)
* the boulangerie down the street
* the “rhyming” waiter at the local Japanese takeaway (he only speaks in sentences that rhymes – I kid you not!)
* the cobbler who has long chats to me when I take my shoes to be re-heeled
* the Sephora around the corner (makeup heaven!)
* les Grands Magasins (shopping heaven!)
* the clochard that I regularly donate to outside Monoprix (local supermarket)
* super high speed and cheap cheap broadband
* having a beer at our local café/bar
* listening to lives of others through windows flung open on hot sultry summer evenings
* rugging up in winter
* the hop-skip-and-jump it takes to get to London,
* and Paris, yes I will miss Paris and all the grumpy people in it.

Hmmm, that list is a little longer than I’d like it to be.

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