Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bag perving

It’s only natural that since Paris is the fashion capital and whatnot, in general, the women here have remarkable taste in handbags. Everywhere I go, I just can’t stop staring at women with über-elegant handbags that are perfectly coordinated with their outfits. I especially love the slightly large floppy Gérald Darel-style handbags that every female here seems to have, and that Pépé describes as being ‘scrotum-like’ (which could explain why I like them so much!).

Where do these women get the time in the mornings to flawlessly match their bag to their shoes, jackets and God-help-me, belts? I barely have time in the mornings to make sure that my shoes match, let alone pick out a bag (from my extremely large collection of 3 practical work handbags), transfer the contents from one bag to another, and make it to work before the sun sets.

I spend most of my 1.5-hour trips to and from work admiring the form, texture and colour of many a bag. I feel like some dirty old man trying to look up skirts on public transport! I just can’t stop myself. Some woman whizzes past and I look up eagerly trying to catch a glimpse of the bag she’s carrying!

Paris has turned me into a handbag pervert.

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