Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lord of the Static

Lord of the Rings Part 2 (The Two Towers) is on TF1tonight! Only problem, we get really crappy reception. Sure we have the entire collection of the Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD, but this version is in French!

We’ve watched the DVDs so many times that we can almost recite the dialogue word for word…in English. Watching it dubbed in French will be freaky.

We’re looking forward to a lazy night watching the static-inundated scenes while giggling over the unfamiliar dubbed-over voices and uncoordinated lip movements (Not that we can see them) !

Imagine Gollum rasping “le précieux” instead of “my precious”.
We’re in for a looong night!

This entry was just an excuse to post a picture of Orlando Bloom! Every blog should have one!

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