Saturday, October 28, 2006

Good start to a great day

I woke up jumped out of bed this morning thinking “OMG, it’s 9am and I’m late for work”, rushed around the room, waking up Pépé while muttering “late for work, late for work”…before realising that it was Saturday. (I blame it on last night’s boozy late night outing with colleagues).
It was just as well that I was up as I had an appointment for a blood test.

Anyway, 20 minutes later, I’m sitting in the waiting room of this clinic reading my Yummy Mummy book when the nice lady in the white coat calls out “Madame ”.

No reaction.

She calls out again “Madame .

Still no reaction.

Finally, some one stands right in front of me and says “Madame ?” and I jump a mile high going “OUI! C’EST MOI” (YES! THAT’S ME!).
Everyone in the waiting room turns and stares. Oops.

Then I had to have 2 needles.

In France, if you want to know your blood type (I’m 33. I figured that I really should know what my blood type is!), you have to have your blood taken TWICE by 2 different people. (Hmmm maybe I should have asked for a blood alcohol reading…just out of interest!).

15 minutes later (they’re very efficient the French…for once!), I’m getting out of the elevator in our apartment building and there’s a pile of dog poo on the landing in front of our front door!! This is IN the apartment building! I know Parisians let their dogs crap everywhere on the sidewalks and in the lovely little Parisian streets, but in a bloody building??
What the hell!

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