Thursday, September 21, 2006

You know it’s time to quit your job when...

You know it’s time to quit your job when:

· You spend at least 10 minutes every morning lying in bed thinking of all possible excuses why you can’t go to work today…your cat ate your metro card, you had an infestation of moths and now all your clothes have holes (you need to go shopping!)...

· You call in sick so that you can do the housework.

· 3 other people at work have also quit. It’s a good sign that something’s just not right at work!

· Having drinks with other colleagues means a huge bitch session about the bosses.

· Your boss sends you an SMS at 10PM on a Friday night.

· It’s 10PM Friday night and you’ve left your work mobile phone on so that your boss can contact you.

· You are sent to a client’s site overseas and your boss tells you to tell other colleagues NOT to call you on your work mobile phone as incoming calls are charged at higher global roaming rates.

· You leave work at 7:30PM and think it’s early.

· You have to take 3 forms of public transport to get to work: the metro, 2 different suburban trains, a tram, and walk 15 minutes.

· You have more than 3 colleagues with hyphenated names: Jean-Valérie, Jean-François, Jean-Eric and Pierre-Jean!

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