Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More soccer

Coming home this evening, the roads were quiet and the metro was empty! (Highly unusual for rush hour!) Nothing stirred … except for the loud roaring of soccer fans from every café and bar from every corner of our neighbourhood. That’s right. France’s first match in the world cup.

People were spilling out onto sidewalks, cheering or booing in solidarity. The community spirit emanating from all around almost brought a tear to my eye…ok, maybe not…but it was quite heart-warming.

Walking home through the back streets of our neighbourhood, it was quite eerie. Most apartments had TVs tuned to the World Cup and windows flung wide open to let the warm breeze in, and all you could hear were the soccer fans rahrahrahing softly in the wind.

The combination of sounds from World Cup on TVs and the summer heat reminded me of my childhood in Malaysia where on hot sleepy Sunday afternoons, faint chattering and roaring from TVs of various households often drifted out and filled the neighbourhood.

This whole World Cup business is making me feel quite sentimental!

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