Monday, May 08, 2006

London Calling

One thing I totally appreciate about being in Paris at the moment is how close it is to other really cool places like London, and the fact that I’m able to just hop on a train and head there for a weekend.

I spent Saturday and Sunday in London on a whirlwind fun-filled girlie weekend shopping, eating and trying on bridesmaids’ dresses (Yes, I’m finally a bridesmaid!) for a very good friend’s wedding next year. And all this while hubby Pépé was somewhere in the depths of France with a whole bunch of socially deprived nerds playing paintball. Hehe. Ok, so they’re not socially deprived, they just have this huge need to dress up and play pretend war games with non-toxic washable paint.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, being married and all now, it’s been a long long while since I’ve had a full-on girlie weekend, and I had forgotten how much fun it can be. It made me nostalgic for my 20s where the girlie events were more of a priority than they are now. I’ll definitely have to do this more often.

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