Sunday, April 09, 2006

Countdown to Easter

Easter is nearly here! And in the spirit of Easter, we went chocolate egg shopping yesterday. We’re heading to London for 4 days to catch up with family and friends, and this means – Chocolate Feast.

Yes I know, Easter isn’t about chocolate or other commercially driven intentions, it’s a religious event yadayadayada, so my very Catholic grandmother keeps telling me.
Either way, the chocolate is an added bonus.

We bought this “hatched” chocolate “egg” for one of my cousins. I just love the look on Calimero (the little chick)’s face. (It’s a bad photo I know. He’s still in his cellophane. I didn’t think my cousin would appreciate us taking him out of his clean cellophane, playing with him with our dirty hands then putting him back in. It would have somehow taken the joy out of eating the chocolate chick I think).

Only 4 sleeps till we hop on that Eurostar.

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