Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Stop the snow.

For the first time in my life, I’m going to say :
"Will someone please turn off the snow?".

First of all, this is a bad week for accommodation in Geneva. There’s a huge motor show on, which means almost all accommodation (from no stars to X stars) is completely booked out, and had been completely booked out since last year. This means that I have so far spent my week scuttling from one cheap hotel to another.

Last night’s stay was in a small town (Ferny-Voltaire) on the French side of the Swiss-French border (residents living in some of Geneva’s suburbs could almost lean across their fences and kiss their French neighbours good morning!). This would have been fine if it had not been for the massive snow storm. Try driving in some unknown back-hole (I have no other words for this area) of a region, in complete darkness (my fault, I left work late), and in a snow storm.

As I was parked in the deserted French border customs parking lot last night, looking wildly at my map, ready to tear out my hair and have a fit, or burst into tears, I had multiple flashes of various horror movies that have been set in these circumstances. Not fun.

Needless to say, I eventually made it to my destination after 45 minutes (usually a 15 minute trip I’ve been told), cursing all the way. I curse my place of employment for sending me to Geneva. I double curse them for being tight-arses and making me hire a car (this is cheaper than travel by taxi), and I damn them to hell for making the snow fall….ok, maybe not the last one, but I do need someone to blame!

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