Wednesday, March 22, 2006


All this work and no play has made me a pudgy blogger.
I wouldn’t say that I’ve noticeably gained a LOT of weight (some might think different!), it’s more like weight has slowly crawled up my legs and attached itself to my waist and my butt!

Or it could just be that my boobs have started melting and are slowly joining my waist. If this is the case, in a year, I’ll have chubby toes.....and no boobs.

Plus, I’m struggling to touch my toes these days – no, it’s not the giant semi-trailer spare tyres around my waist preventing me from bending over, I’m just stiff.

I think I need to do some jump-into-spring-time body buffing (in other words, torturous, sweaty exercise) very very VERY soon.

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