Sunday, March 05, 2006

Nouvelle Star

The French version of the Australian/American Idol has kicked off here again. Here in France, it’s known as Nouvelle Star (ie. New Star).

Anyway, I shouldn’t be watching this time-gobbling-mind-numbing program, however, I’m addicted! I just can’t bring myself to change channels or turn the TV off when Nouvelle Star comes on.

It’s still the early stages in the competition so there are lots of excruciatingly bad examples of French ‘talent’, which is always extremely entertaining. There are all the usual tears, fits and off-key singing and the format of the show adheres to the standard American Idol template down to the annoying theme music.

However, I think if I hear one more bad-accented version of U2’s ‘Wiff For Wiff Faout To’ (With or Without You), I am definitely getting on the next plane back to Melbourne!

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