Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Getting nowhere

Do you know what? I’ve been immersed in this Francophone kingdom for over a year, and my French just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere!

Every man and his dog here speaks better French than me…ok, this doesn’t mean much since I AM in France.

Anyway, there are still a ton load of people who don’t actually live here (I think), who speak better French than me.

I was watching TV a few months ago, and what do I see? All-American Jodie Foster babbling away in accent-less French without even a hint of hesitation as to whether her sentences were in the right tense or not!

Then there’s Brian Molko, lead singer of Placebo who, with his little pixie face and black kohl-lined eyes, can converse in flowery phrases and expressions while unleashing all hell in tight leather pants. Ok, I’m not sure if he can do all that in tight leather pants, but I kinda like that image.

Anyway, I’m living and breathing French 7 days a week, and where does that get me?
I’m still confusing my conditional and future tenses.
It’s a nightmare.

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