Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I am no longer a Sudoku virgin.
Everywhere I looked people were panting, eyes rolled back in their heads with sweat dripping off their shiny temples from the pure physical and mental labour of the Sudoku Grid (I don’t know, is it even called a Grid?).

However, while people were doing it everywhere, I abstained and looked down on them for jumping on the bandwagon. Disgusted by their pure looks of lust and glee as they accomplished grid after grid, driven by the unadulterated pleasure of achieving a completed grid, I averted my eyes and looked away every time I crossed a Sudoku-er. Days, months and even years passed but I stuck to my guns and held off for as long as I could.

Finally, just to see what the fuss was about, I did my first grid and got a huge kick out of it…ok, it wasn’t that big a kick, but nevertheless, ever since I did my first Sudoku grid, I can’t stop. I’m Sudoku-ing everywhere. At breakfast, at lunch, at dinner, waiting for the plane, in the plane, and even in bed (I drew the line at doing it in the toilet)! And when I’m not Sudoku-ing, I’m thinking about Sudoku-ing.

It’s a nightmare. 2 more weeks of this and I’m going to have to seek out the nearest SA (Sudoku Anonymous) group. I can just imagine it now…”Hello, my name is Colour and it’s been 2 days since my last Grid”……

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