Thursday, January 19, 2006

Grumpy guts

Yes, we’re back in gray miserable Paris after a super duper sunny 2 weeks in Melbourne! And to top off the fantastic start to the New Year, I’ve been informed that I will be spending the next few months working in Geneva and commuting back to Paris every weekend!
Sure this means less contact with Parisians and less time in Paris, but it also means more time spent away from my hunky hubby Pépé! I would have preferred to work long hours in Paris, come home at 9pm every day, but at least get to sleep in the same bed as Pépé!

This just proves that God is a man. When I said that I wasn’t fond of Paris and prayed that I could get the hell away from this place, this wasn’t what I meant. I meant leaving Paris and moving back to Melbourne! Isn’t it just typical of a male to completely misunderstand me?

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