Friday, October 21, 2005

The Joys of Renting 5

Our apartment at the moment is on the first floor of a charming 3-storey building. Sure it looks great from the outside, on the inside however, that’s another story.

All apartments in our building have next to no insulation and creaky-last-century floorboards (noisy but very pretty!). When we first moved in, our apartment was infested with some kind of floorboard fleas, which took about 1 month and 150 euros to remove.

Then there were the water leaks. We’ve had a grand total of 3 leaks. The first leak in our toilet (nothing to write home about), the second leak in the kitchen, which lightly flooded our lovely kitchen tiles. And the cherry on top – the huge leak in the bathroom, which gushed its way through the wall and into the spare room, resulting in a healthy dark green mould that blossomed under the wallpaper!

Then there are the neighbours, lovely as they all are. Our insomniac neighbour upstairs has a fetish for wearing lead boots and doing the samba at 3 in the morning.
Our cheerful but un-sexy male neighbour downstairs has a penchant for lounging about the communal garden with his equally un-sexy friends during summer – every one of them in tight shiny Speedos trying to get as much sun as a French summer will allow.

The 14km that Pépé has to drive to work (which takes him 1.5 hours each way) doesn’t help either. Did I also mention that all pipes in the building are LEAD? And we recently found out that the whole building isn’t earthed.

Under these conditions, as charming as this little apartment is, we have given our 3 months advance notice (3 months in France!) and we are moving!

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