Saturday, October 15, 2005

Elegance, shmelegance

French women are not as elegant as claimed.

Upon visiting the toilet in the offices of a large renowned multinational software organisation, I was greeted with giant brown remnants the size of a human fist, floating in not one but two toilet bowls of the cubicles.

Seeing that this experience is not my first, this has led me to believe that:
1. French women lack concern for the community.
2. French women are colour-blind to all things brown.
3. French elegance is a myth.
4. This is normal French behaviour and is part of French culture.

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IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

AND, they don't all wash their hands when they are done in the lieu!!!! Gross!!! Did they forget what maman taught them, or maybe she didn't... Maman DEFINITELY forgot to teach dental hygene cuz all the French people I see partout have terrible teeth!!! And, they spit all over the sidewalk and pick there noses like it is a normal and acceptable thing to do in public?! But, of course......